Policy Owners :

  • Buyers of our products, visitors & other indirect business peoples.
  • Our products will not be sold to children and any person under the age of 18
  • If you are less than 18 years and you wish to contract, you are required to contract through your parents or legal guardian.


Personal data of your collected will not be shared for below:
· Except the products which is listed in our EasyToSelect & for marketing other products.

  • Without your opinion on sharing the data for any other vendors and their products.
  • We are committed to protecting your right to privacy. We collect information about our customers to help us continually improve our services.
  • Information submitted by customers will be verified if required.


Information to be obtained from our customers:

  • Customer name, communication address, e-mail id, mobile number as personal details.
  • Bank related details related to payment gateway and payment details information.
  • Customers calls and emails related to communication with our products.


Security Measures:

  • The website confers on its costumers an inbuilt risk of disclosure at their own cost.
  • The website does not provide an absolute guarantee against any or all technological malice's the personally identifiable information of a person would be subject to.
  • We undertake to take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information.
  • Various risk factors involved relate to, the disclosure of your personal identification information to third parties who may unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications, or even be lead from the act of abuse or misuse of your information by the third parties of the information that they collect from the Site.


Changes In Policy:

We may need to amend the Privacy Policy from time to time. Any such amendment will take effect as soon as it is posted on the website.
Please let us know if the personal information which we hold about you needs to be corrected or updated and for that please keep yourself posted of our website on a day to day basis.



If you have any questions about this privacy policy or our treatment of your personal data, please write to us by email to easytoselectphp@gmail.com.